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Crafting Twilight ► A Legendary Journey ► Guild Wars 2

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Publié par pinkman de PC
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In this video, I got through the process of crafting my first legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2. This is not a guide. I just recorded the process I went through to make it and edited together for your enjoyment. Therefore, it's a long video and might not be for everyone. You have been warned. :) Special thanks to the following people who donated and helped me craft Twilight: Aurora Peachy Wrex Abyss Cleaver Guy Dan Kentucky Shark Daan Slebe Tyutti Subbota Troublesometimes Dakhovai Shadow Deadbringer Jane Eyre Xidius Blackhorn Precious Pebbles Nia Shadowalker Nerdy Mike That Heart is Cold Marich Deathbane Thiira Brassovola Orchid Tshkotei Dadivonija Vicious Quaggan Warden of the Keyz Great Brain Robbery and anyone else I might have missed! (I'm sorry if I missed you!) I have a Patreon page where viewers can earn rewards while supporting my work: New computer donation fund: Contact and Follow Me: Twitter: Facebook: Google +: Twitch: Logo art designed by Jerome Jacinto: Music composed by Sandra Schnieders: Channel Art designed by Billy Bacsko: Thanks for watching!

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