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Indie Impressions - Titan Souls

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Publié par pinkman de News
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Titan Souls will be our last LD28 game for the time being. Made by Mark Foster, David Fenn and Andrew Gleeson - Titan Souls is a quick but very impressive open-world adventure that has players seeking out and destroying 4 titans with only a bow and a single arrow. Each enemy has a weak point but you only get one mistake or you're sent back to the start. Beautiful art and music compliment this impressive entry. Check out Titan Souls for free at the link below and see if you can get further than I did in the video! Download: Any support for the show you feel I deserve - including "likes", comments and favorites - are a huge help to raise awareness of what I'm doing and the indie games I cover. For more check out the links below: - The official show site: - Catch me live at: - Follow me on Twitter: @RockLeeSmile and @Indieimpression - 'Like' my Indie Impressions Facebook page and keep updated on what's going on every day! - Official Indie Impressions Greenlight Collection: Got a game suggestion for me? Let me know! New ideas are always welcome. Indie Devs: I will also try to schedule a video upload with you for your game launch if you'd like a little help getting the word out!

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