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Life is Strange - Gameplay Footage - Gamescom 2014 (HD)

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Check out some footage from Life is Strange from the "Remember Me" developers. From - "Life is Strange is an episodic, narrative-driven point-and-click game heavy on drama, action and supernatural events. Max, the protagonist and a high school senior, has the ability to rewind time. She returns to her hometown in Oregon after a five-year absence to find her former best friend, Chloe, has drastically changed. Chloe's father died the same year Max left town, and she struggles with a profound sense of abandonment – her hair is bright blue, a tattoo cascades down one of her arms, she's angsty and she smokes pot. Chloe's room is plastered in magazine clippings and Sharpie messages, and an American flag hangs vertically over one window, littered with hand-written curse "

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