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Mario Kart Rainbow Road (1992 to 2011) Generations

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Publié par pinkman de WiiU
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im finished with 1992 to 2014 generations video. just waiting on mk8 The evolution of Mario kart's Rainbow Road in 20 years! Bowsers castle generation 1992 to 2011 link i plan to update this one too. ] and since people have been asking i may do one for mario circuit. this is all the rainbow roads in one video in HD there a bonus at the end as well. the videos are full quality DV S-Video rips directly off my consoles! the DS rainbow road was recorded with desmume (single screen AVI uncompressed) i do have the real mario kart DS i just figured it would look a lot better recorded with an emulator. mk7 RR was recorded with an iPhone 4 at 720p .mov (only video) mk7 audio was directly recorded in stereo with audacidy and carefully synced together on windows live movie maker. a lot has changed in 20 years! ENJOY!! :D

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