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Tales of Hearts R - Hi Ougi / Mystic Arte Exhibition [テイルズオブハーツR - 秘奥義集]

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Publié par pinkman de PsVita
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*PLEASE READ THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION* *SPOILERS WARNING* *Please leave a Comment and a Like; your support is appreciated! *LIVE STREAM: *Please Subscribe to my 2nd account for other playthroughs: *Twitter: Better late than never! Figured I would get this done with before starting with Xillia next week. Too bad they didn't give Hi Ougis to the cool bosses that didn't had one in the original (The seraph bros specially! ), oh well. This Exhibition is also a quality test for the Vita Capture, seems like it came out good, let me know if you like the quality :D Music Used: - Flash Limit - The Sorceress Comes PS: the Sophie and Mecha Sophie cut-in in Dream Strikers/Fever Dream is still there if you are wondering (or at least as far as I know)... its just harder to get it to come out cause fuck mashing buttons on the Vita, my mashing is not THAT good lol Enjoy! Recorded with the PS Vita Capture Board: Playlist: Visit the Gamer's Bench: ---------------------------------- System: PS Vita

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Mots-clés : arte, vita, tales, mystic, exhibition, hearts, ougi

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