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Tales of Zestiria Battle System Preview

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Game: Tales of Zestiria Publisher: Namco Bandai Games Platform: PS3 Website: Namco Bandai Games Japan YouTube Channel: NBG Japan Website: Disclaimer: I own nothing, everything goes to their respective owners! Whom I am no way affiliated with so if I do something stupid don't look at them! _______________________________________________________ On the Namco Bandai Games channel, you can also see new character trailers, a new PV, and even a skit. Once again just trying to spread the word of "Tales". This time it's a short showcase of the battle system. Character Fusion? Reminds me of Innocence's "Transformations", the development team really knows how to add a spark to "Tales" already perfect battle system! The transition from field to fight is pretty smooth and once again there's that dev team's spark. I also noted a "Element Cross" (don't know what it's called ) wonder if it changes based on time, location, and such. Would be neat wouldn't it? The characters look very diverse, yet at the same time very well blended and not too "out there". Map theme is the usual, but the battle theme set's it self apart though simple, plucky, and has a hint of desperation (in a good way). Also there is a small hiccup in there, why I have no clue but it wouldn't go

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