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The 1st 15: Nether

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Publié par pinkman de PC
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"I wish I had more time to spend on Nether. I just know I've only barely scratched the surface of it, and there's so much more to see! As becomes more and more evident throughout this episode and those to come, Nether is still very much in beta, fresh out of alpha as it is, but there's a remarkably solid framework in place here upon which Phosphor Games can build a truly outstanding game. The silhouette of Nether's greatness looms on the horizon, visible to any who dare to delve into it. The question now falls to the developers; 'Can you finish what you've started here, and unseat even DayZ from its perch atop the hardcore FPS survivalist genre?'" -Mr. Black Note: Nether is available on Steam for $ and above. The 1st 15, our first impressions series, is quite simply the first fifteen minutes of my time with a game, for what that's worth; no more, no less. First impressions go a long way in setting the tone for how well a game is received by its audience, and even a good game can turn away potential fans if it can't hook them in its earliest moments. That said, this should not be treated as a comprehensive review; it represents my very first impressions of the game only; nothing more, nothing less. ------------------------------------------------ Like LLP on Facebook: Follow LLP on Twitter: Follow LLP on Tumblr: Follow LLP on Twitch: This video is presented under the terms & protection of Fair Use, for the purposes of review and commentary.

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