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The Beyond Good & Evil 2 Trailer Will Be Revealed At E3 2014 Prediction Announcement

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The Beyond Good & Evil 2 Trailer Will Be Revealed At E3 2014 Prediction Announcement Apply To Join The Freedom Network For Free Under A No-Lock In Revenue Share Contract ➜ Join For Free And Get The Epic Dashboard ➜ Please Comment, Like, Favorite, And Subscribe Follow / Like TGNDireGaming On : YouTube ➜ FaceBook ➜ Twitter ➜ Google+ ➜ Blogger ➜ Tumblr ➜ MySpace ➜ StumbleUpon ➜ Pinterest ➜ Reddit ➜ TGNDireGaming's Epic Website ➜ Electronic Entertainment Expo / E3 Description : " Electronic Entertainment Expo, commonly known as E3, is an annual trade fair for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game publishers and accessory manufacturers to show off their upcoming games and game-related merchandise. Unlike Gamescom and other video game trade fairs that are open to the public, E3 is an exclusive, industry-only event.[2] Persons who apply to attend are required by the event's governing body (Entertainment Software Association) to verify that they have some professional connection to the video game industry. E3 is commonly held in late May or early June of each year at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in Los Angeles. In 2007, the convention was exceptionally held from July 11 to July 13 in Santa Monica, California. E3 2013 was held on June 11--13, 2013 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. E3 2014 is slated for June 10--12, 2014, and will once again take place at the Los Angeles Convention Center History : Prior to E3, most game publishers went to other trade shows to display new products, including the Consumer Electronics Show and the European Computer Trade Show. The first E3 was conceived by IDG's Infotainment World and co-founded by the Interactive Digital Software Association (now the Entertainment Software Association). It coincided with the start of a new generation of consoles, with the release of the Sega Saturn, and the announcements of upcoming releases of the PlayStation, Virtual Boy and Neo-Geo CD. Specifications for the Nintendo Ultra 64 (later renamed Nintendo 64) were released, but there was no hardware shown. IDSA originally asked CES for a private meeting space for game developers, but was told that they could not limit access to only invited registrants. Patrick Ferrell, CEO of IDG's Infotainment World, had sent his VP Marketing to the meeting, and hearing the result, the management team at Infotainment World immediately announced E3. Needing to ensure the full backing of the industry, Ferrell then negotiated a partnership between IDG and the IDSA, who then co-produced the show for a number of years Media coverage : Many websites and blogs have a history of providing extensive coverage of E3 with live webcasts, game previews, game media and blog entries covering popular press events. Some of the more popular sites include (but are not limited to) IGN, GameSpot, Kotaku, , GamesRadar, Machinima, GameTrailers, and G4. On site, the event is covered by professional journalists from around the world. Proof of credentials are verified before the event or on-site. Originally E3 was almost entirely dominated by print games journalists, the event eventually came to include general and specialist TV crews, newspaper journalists, website journalists. Many of these attendees came with consumer-level digital video and photograph cameras. Since E3 was closed to the general public, guest invitations have been widely extended to game-specific fansites, blogs, wikis, forum members and other enthusiasts who likely would have attended in the past. In this way, social media has been used to maintain a connection between E3 and the fan community. Show organizer IDG World Expo publishes the Show Daily. Previously published by Ziff Davis and Future Publishing, the magazine provides news, and maps of the show floor. IDG also runs , an online extension of the Show Daily and the convention's official news portal. Traditionally, many of the media outlets give out Best of E3 awards in various categories. Common categories include Best of Show, Best Trailer, Best Original Game, Best PS3 Game, Best Xbox 360 Game, Best Pc Game, Best Action Game, Best Hardware, etc. Of the awards, the most prestigious is the Best of Show of the Game Critics Awards. "

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