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Upcoming Prince of Persia 2013 Screenshots by Climax Studio

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Is Climax Developing The Next Prince of Persia? Like & Join : You gotta wonder what these guys thought when they saw DMC. by Mitch Dyer Numerous images appeared on developer Climax Studios' website for an unspecified character platformer -- and it looks suspiciously like a Prince of Persia game. For reference, here's a side-by-side image of Climax's game and Prince of Persia: The otherworldly elements in these images aren't like anything in past Prince of Persia games, although the Dark Prince and time traveling mechanics in past games means weird magic stuff is always a possibility. Ubisoft recently told IGN the Prince of Persia franchise was "paused," but perhaps the developer will bring it back to life with an E3 reveal this June. A Ubisoft representative responded to IGN's inquiries about a Climax connection by stating, "there is no new information to share in regard to Prince of Persia." Climax Studios did not respond. Mitch Dyer is an Associate Editor at IGN. He's also quite Canadian. Earlier this year, Ubisoft revealed they had hit the "pause" button on the Prince of Persia franchise -- taking a step back in order to evaluate how best to approach the "brand" moving forward. Since the Sands of Time trilogy, the franchise has tapered off quite a bit, with the cell-shaded Prince of Persia title failing to hit the same high marks as its predecessors. Moreover, Disney's Prince of Persia feature film adaptation once again proved that video game movies are easier said than done. And they need to be placed in the most capable of hands. That being said, a new rumor has begun circulating that suggests another Prince of Persia game is in development -- it just might not be at Ubisoft proper. Climax Studios -- the developer responsible for some of the latter Silent Hillgames and Smart As -- has some concept art for a forthcoming "character action platformer" that look like they might be for a new Prince of Persia. Even the setting evokes the same time period as Ubisoft's original reboot. With only two images to analyze, it's hard to definitively say this is a Prince of Persia spin-off/sequel, but the evidence points overwhelmingly in that direction. Even the design of the character -- red scarf, armbands, white vest, and windswept air -- looks almost exactly like the Prince. The 2D design of the 1st image suggests Climax could be working on a title that harkens back to the original 2D Prince of Persia titles. Perhaps this game could be a standalone downloadable title — one that won't interfere with Ubisoft's plans for the Prince of Persia franchise. For now, the images are still up on Climax's official site, but if they ever get taken down we'll have a better idea as to what the Internet sleuths might have stumbled upon. Nothing says a game's true purpose has been found out like removing images. [UPDATE: New images have been added to Climax's site with the added qualifier of "tech demo." That leads us to believe this was a proof of concept for a Prince of Persia game that Climax was hoping to get made. And now that more images have been added, maybe Climax is trying to help get their project noticed. Do you think Climax Studios' in-development project is a new Prince of Persiagame? Would you like to see a downloadable side scroller set in that universe?

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