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Etherium Gold, Black, Shamir, Aulterra my daily supplements

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Publié par pinkman de PC
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Etherium Gold Is a naturally occurring trace mineral deposit that has been shown to promote mental clarity and concentration. I may improve learning ability, enhance creativity, and reduces restlessness. Etherium Black Has adaptagenuc Properties, meaning it helps the body, adapt to ever changing enviroments that effect mind, body and spirit, And since its modality is electromagnetic, it tends to affect the min and spirit as well as the physical body. Etherium Black helps the body maintain homostasis from extraneous toxins and balances the mind during stressfull perceptions. Shamir Shamir was the term that described the elements of the philsophers stone, a white gold substance used in ceremony for the right passage into higher states of consciousness. Sharmir improves understanding of self, often providing insights into the soul'd journey. Aulterra Balances and harmonizes the energy fields of the body. Additionally, it has been laboratory proven to stimulate the natural quantum oscillation pattern of DNA which enhances DNA's natural intrinsic vibration and produces radiant energy Aulterra is perfect for enhancing cellular health and helping to prevent degenerative disease. Art Work more info

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