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Mario Kart Wii K'nex - Mario Circuit Track Race

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Publié par pinkman de WiiU
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For best viewing watch at 480 and click expand. This track is based off the one you see in the instruction booklets. Its a pretty big track and some of the corners are a little nasty. Watch and find out who wins the first race of the season! It was fun build and took about 3 hours or so to complete. This is a great first track to try and build and you can find the design on the back of a lot of the booklets that come with the sets. The set was made using the following sets: Track Expansion Pack Mario and Yoshi Finish Line Building Set Mario Vs. Chain Chomp Building Set Mario Vs Delfino Oak Tree Building Set Mario Vs. Piranha Plant Building Set Which you can find here:

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Mots-clés : circuit, mario, kart

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