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Super Smash Bros 3DS Leaked Gameplay and Characters!

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Publié par pinkman de WiiU
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Here's the supposed leaked footage of the new Super Smash Bros Wii U/3DS game. In these leaks, it was shown to us that Bowser Jr ( Mario Bros series ), Shulk ( Xenoblade series ), and the Dog from Duck Hunt were to be newcomers in the next Smash installement. Other characters were leaked as DLCs, these five characters were ; Ice Climbers ( Ice Climber ), Solid Snake ( Metal Gear ), Wolf ( Starfox ), Lucas ( Mother 3 ) and the Chorusmen ( Rhythm Heaven ) And word is, that there's still more characters that have yet to be shown! While it's possible that this video will be taken down, as Nintendo is taking down the footage due to "copyright laws", which implies that this may actually be legit and not just some gag or extremely impressive fanmade content. The original source came from this user ; Leaked trophy images came from here ; This video is under fair-use, as it is being used for criticism within the Smash Bros fanbase. Reviewing the content as it is for the moment and having it as a piece of discussion for all who watch it. Nintendo had originally taken down the leaks, due to copyright reasons, if that really is the case, then this content is copyrighted by Nintendo, being developed by Namco and Sakurai. I have no ownership on the original material, and link everything that can be traced down via links. This is myself giving away my own critic and opinion, and safely am uploading this video under Copyright Act of Canada ; Criticism or review Fair dealing for the purpose of criticism or review does not infringe copyright if the following are mentioned: (a) the source; and (b) if given in the source, the name of the (i) author, in the case of a work, (ii) performer, in the case of a performer’s performance, (iii) maker, in the case of a sound recording, or (iv) broadcaster, in the case of a communication signal.

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