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WNW: The Crew #9 | NEW Customisation & Free Roam Gameplay

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Hit "LIKE" if you'd like to see more - Hope you enjoy! :D ● Make sure to subscribe for more - ► Playlist (All of series) - "What's New With" is my new series in where we look at the latest and greatest games and I give you all the latest info! In this series we will be covering all the new info that comes out for The Crew. The upcoming next gen racer with the hearts of older Need for Speed fans in mind. I tuned into the Route 909 live stream from the beginning till end and managed to get some awesome new footage and information about the game. In this video I go over some of the basic customisation and free roam gameplay we saw during the stream. More info: Just a note about the video/audio quality. This is in no way final, we were told it is pretty much pre-alpha gameplay. We know it was not running on max settings and the video has been through lots of compression. To give you an idea, their capture setup will compress the footage, Twitch will compress the footage, OBS will compress the footage, my video format conversion software will compress the footage, Vegas will compress the footage and then YouTube again will compress the footage. A lot of compression. ;) ------------------------------------ A video by BlackPanthaa (LeftTriggerUK) ------------------------------------ ● Donate to help meh :3 - ● Follow me on Twitch - ● Follow me on Twitter - ● Like me on Facebook - ● Circle me on Google+ - +Blackpanthaa ● Come join my website/forum - ● Join the Panthaa Army on GTA Online: --------------------------------- ♫ Intro music: Dyanamite MC - After Party ♫ Outro music - Theme music - hors d'oeuvres by Madloops ♫ Royalty Free Music provided by

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