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xCROWNx News vom 13.06.14 - Super E3 gsi =D

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Games und Stuff woni besproche ha: Microsoft: Crackdown - Xbox One exclusive revealed, related to Crackdown on the Xbox 360 Sunset Overdrive - Xbox exclusive revealed, comical third person shooter Ori and the Blind Forest - Xbox One exclusive revealed, 2D platformer with unique art style WUNDERSCHÖN Lara Croft: Rise of the Tomb Raider - First trailer revealed, release date estimated at holidays 2015 Inside - Revealed, first on Xbox, spiritual successor to Limbo Super Ultra Dead Rising 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha (I am not making that title up)- Exclusive Dead Rising 3 DLC content revealed, arcade style co-op Forza 5 - The Nurburgring racetrack was announced as free for all Forza 5 players today Forza Horizon 2 - Announced as an Xbox exclusive coming September 30, 2014 Evolve - Gameplay teased and style (4 vs 1) shown Assassin's Creed: Unity - Gameplay shown, team based co-op revealed Halo: Master Chief Collection - Xbox exclusive, HD and original versions of Halo 1-4, Halo: Nightfall digital series, and Halo 5 beta access, release date November 11 2014 Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Gameplay shown and fully explained Tom Clancy's: The Division - Gameplay shown, new content will be Xbox exclusive ------------------ Electronic Arts: HOLY SHIT ISH DAS BOOORING GSI und lol CriterionGames - New game mentioned but not revealed, name TBA, prototype gameplay shown Mirror's Edge Sequel - Conceptual gameplay footage shown Battlefield: Hardline - Game revealed, gameplay showcased, beta announced for play today. ------------------ Ubisoft: Far Cry 4 - First 5 minutes of gameplay cut scene shown Tom Clancy's: The Division - New trailer shown The Crew - Gameplay graphics presented, closed beta July 31 registration announced Assassin's Creed: Unity - New trailer shown, full short mission of gameplay shown played live, Release date, October 2014 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege - Pre alpha gameplay footage shown, 2015 estimated release ------------------ Sony: Destiny - New trailer revealed, PS4 exclusive chance at trying alpha build, as well as other exclusive content ABZU - PS4 exclusive revealed, from the creators of Journey Devolver Digital - Multiple games revealed as Sony exclusives Diablo 3 - Exclusive Last of Us related content announced Entwined - Revealed and gameplay shortly discussed, now available on PS4 store, arcade style No Man's Sky - Revealed with trailer and gameplay teaser Uncharted 4: A Thief's End - Revealed with trailer Mortal Kombat X - Exclusive gameplay revealed Far Cry 4 - 7 minutes of gameplay showcased (available on Ubisoft website), revealed that players can invite friends to play even if they don't own the game Batman: Arkham Knight - 5 minutes of gameplay and Scarecrow exclusive content revealed Grand Theft Auto V - Release date for PS4 announced for Fall 2014, PS3 characters and progress transferable Project Morpheus - Demos showcased YouTube - Coming to PS4 later in the year, with instant gameplay share and upload capability Vita - Multiple titles to be released ------------------ Nintendo: Claymation Reggie Fils-Aime Now Reggie and CEO Satoru Iwata are fighting each other in a chaotic martial arts battle The Nintendo NFC figurine initative is named "Amiibo" Yarn Yoshi, now named Yoshi's Wooly World, takes the stream The Legend of Zelda New Bayonetta 2 ncludes Bayonetta 1 Hyrule Warriors Mario Maker is announced Splatoon, a new IP Miyamoto 3 New Games = 1 New Star Fox

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