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Tales of Zestiria - Battle System Trailer (GodGamesHD)

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Publié par pinkman de News
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Tales of Zestiria - Battle System Trailer (GodGamesHD) Subscribe: Visit for more Tales of Zestiria (Japanese: テイルズ オブ ゼスティリア Hepburn: Teiruzu Obu Zesutiria?) is an upcoming Japanese role-playing game for the PlayStation 3. It is the fifteenth core product in the Tales series and is developed and published by Bandai Namco Games. Staff members from previous entries in the series, including battle programmer Tatsuro Udo and designers Kōsuke Fujishima and Mutsumi Inomata, are involved with the game. Hideo Baba acts as producer. Returning to a high fantasy setting similar to the first Tales games, Zestiria is set on the fictional continent of Greenwood, which is divided between two warring empires. The story follows Sorey, a man blessed with powers by a mystical race known as the Tenzoku who act as a stabilizing force in the land, as he travels to free Greenwood. The game's central theme is Sekai o tentō jōnetsu no RPG (世界を点灯情熱のRPG?, lit. "RPG of Passion Lighting the World"). Tales of Zestiria is a console action role-playing game set in a fantasy world with three-dimensional characters rendered to scale with the areas around them. The game's main world employs an open world-style layout in contrast to previous entries in the series, which Hideo Baba compared to "moving along a highway".Skits, extra conversations between characters that can be either dramatic or comical, also return: their full-body representation of characters is carried over from Tales of in that game and Tales of Xillia, they are fully exploration of the field area between locations and while a specific Tenzoku character is assigned, the player can execute special commands: they are slicing through minor obstacles (all characters), smashing large obstacles (Edna), temporarily shielding themselves from enemy view (Mikleo) igniting special lights in dungeons (Lailah), or teleporting to a far-away location (Dezel).A changeable second character also accompanies the lead character, and story-relevant or trivial conversations can be started with them. Aditional Tags: Tales of Zestiria xbox Tales of Zestiria ps4 Tales of Zestiria ps3 Tales of Zestiria xbox one Tales of Zestiria playstation Tales of Zestiria trailer Tales of Zestiria official trailer Tales of Zestiria demo Tales of Zestiria,Tales of Zestiria gameplay,Tales of Zestiria demo,Tales of Zestiria ps4,Tales of Zestiria e3,Tales of Zestiria e3 gameplay,Tales of Zestiria review,Tales of Zestiria leaked,e3 2014,Tales of Zestiria trailer,GodGamesHD,godgames,godgames hd,Tales of Zestiria playstation

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